For Takis K. Marangos & Sons Ltd, quality lies at the centre of everything they do. It is the factor that has contributed to the maintenance of its leading position in the market for so many years. The importance ascribed to quality is imperative for the management team of the company, which ensures that it is safeguarded at all levels of business; from design to production and from installation to constant follow-up support.

The quality of the finished product is determined from the outset by the strict selection of the materials and components that are going to be used. Solid timber is fumigated in special, advanced-technology machinery and then controlled by an electronic hydrometer to ensure the right balance of moisture for each type of wood, which is a necessary coefficient for the optimum quality of the raw material.

Another factor in ensuring high quality is the constant supervision of the work by the production and technical department managers. Monitoring the appropriate use of the materials and guiding the craftsmen towards the proper execution of each work secures the excellent quality of the finished product.

Quality guarantees are also offered with the know-how and expertise, not only of the design department which, with its creativity, reflects well beyond the expectations of clients, but of the technicians as well, who have the background for proper installation and faultless maintenance of the product.

Takis K. Marangos & Sons Ltd has been accredited by the English organisation IFC Certification in accordance with the European standard EN 1634-1, for the quality of manufacture and installation of its fire doors. The company is proud to be one of the few companies in Cyprus to carry this specific certification. It has also been accredited with the quality management system ISO 9001:2008 for the effectiveness of its organisation, manufacture and installation procedures.

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