A crucial factor in creating quality woodworks is the technological equipment used. The company has one of the most modern factories of its kind, with a state-of-the-art production system that allows the production of pieces to the highest technical specifications.

The factory is equipped with high-tech machinery. From its inception, by keeping up with technical advancements and based on need, Takis K. Marangos & Sons Ltd conducted the necessary upgrades to its equipment – always adopting the most advanced technological solutions. In its contemporary facilities, all the regulations regarding health and safety in the workplace are strictly implemented, as well as the Factory Acts.


A primary concern of the company is the wellbeing of its personnel. For this reason it plays a leading role in the field of health and safety in Cyprus, which is verified by the nine first Security Shields Awards that have been granted by the Ministry of Labour for the period 1985-2003. The company also demonstrates in practice its environmental awareness, with large investments towards the upgrade of its technologies to drastically reduce the pollutants emitted into the atmosphere. In addition, it conducts studies on effective use of its waste and regularly attends seminars to reduce the greenhouse gases from any chemicals used in its manufacturing processes.

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